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    Using Field Values as a Table Column

    Kevin McGovern

      I'm loading approval records from a DB that have an ever changing set of approvers associated with each record.  The data is stored in the following format (sample data being loaded inline but column format the same).

      LOAD * Inline [
      ID, Desc, Name, Status
      5, Test 1, Joe, Approved
      5, Test 1, Matt, Approved
      5, Test 1, John, Current
      5, Test 1, Bill, Future
      5, Test 1, Todd, Future
      20, Test 2, Harry, Approved
      20, Test 2, Joe, Current
      20, Test 2, Matt, Future
      20, Test 2, Bill, Future


      Once the data is loaded, the requirement is that it is displayed in the following format, where the approvers shown are a dynamic set that are selected from the available approvers.  Does anyone have any ideas on how to do this?  Pivot tables come close when I move the Name column to the top but display multiple lines for each ID where I just want a single line.  I appreciate your help in advance.


      5Test 1ApprovedApprovedCurrent
      20Test 2CurrentFutureN/A