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    Set Analysis Date Range

      Hi Qlikview Community,


      I really hope that you could assist me with the following.


      I'm having some trouble creating a set analysis that will calculate the amount paid during a certain period of time per client. I have 2 date fields which I imported from an Excel file. The two date fields (per client) are as follow:


      * DateField_1 = Start date of membership

      * DateField_2 = End date of membership


      I require the set analysis to calculate the sum total of amounts paid between the two mentioned date. A normal Excel if statement should look something like this:


      if(DateField_1 <= DateField_2, sum(AMT_Paid), 0)


      Please help! I've read many posts, but am a bit confused with regards to the use of the " " and ' '. Also not sure when to use it.