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    Get All Rows of Record Based on Criteria For One or More Rows

    Kevin McGovern

      Hi all, this is a follow-up to my earlier request (http://community.qlik.com/message/344623).  I'm looking how to apply the logic to a pivot table to get all approver status' when one or more of the approvers for a particular ID have a specific approval status.  In the attached app, I want to get all approval status' if one or more of the approvers have a status of either current or approved.  The catch is that it needs to be based on the approvers that have been selected. 


      If I select "Approved" or "Current", obviously the app is only going to return records with that status (I would also want to get future records for the selections if a different selected approver is either current or has approved).  I've tried various aggr and if statements but haven't been able to come up with an expression that accomplishes what I'm looking for.


      In the example, if I select just Harry and Bill, then I would want the app to only return ID=20 and not ID=5.  Additionally, ID 20 should return just Bill and Harry and their status'.  I.E. I want to display all the status' of records (based on approval name selection) where one of the approvers has either approved or is currently approving.  I appreciate your help in advance!