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    Set Analysis in Charts with Previous Year data

      How do i insert previous years data into a compliance precentage graph?


      I am currently using this expression to calculate the percentage;


      =(Sum({$<Target={"62 Day Screening"}>}Acountability)


      Sum({$<Target={"62 Day Screening"},[Breach Indicator]={Y}>}Accountability})


      Sum({$<Target={"62 Day Screening"}>}Accountability)



      I have a slider select for the Financial Year and would like to show the previous years info dependant on which financial year is selected.


      Can anyone help?

        • Re: Set Analysis in Charts with Previous Year data
          Jonathan Dienst



          Let's say your slider is linked to variable vFinYear, and you have a FinancialYear field, add the fin year to the set expressions like this


          (Sum({$<Target={"62 Day Screening"}, FinancialYear = {"$(vFinYear)"}>}Acountability)...


          Add the fin year clause to all the set expressions in the same way as above. Modify the expressions as required to match your data model.


          Hope that helps