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    Authentication without domain only user and password

    ana luna



      We want users out of the domain to log in to AccesPoint without having to write the domain name using Internet Explorer (Fireox or Chrome work this way but are not allowe in company).

      That is, using only user and pwd instead of domain\user and pwd with IE.


      We are using -Qlikview Web Server and Qlikview server 11 sr2 (cluster 2 qlikview server) with the following configuration:

      Security: DMS

      DSC: connected to a windows active directory.


      We have tried to implement a sso (single sing on) with this authentication configuration:

      Authentication: Always,
      Type; Hedader Header
      Parameters Name:Qvuser Prefix;CUSTOM\
      Login Address: Default Login Page (browser authentication)


      We not want to use users custom for qlikview, want windows domain users.

      As far as I know we need a proxy to authenticate users.
      I have installed Apache, but I´m not sure how to configure apache to interact with qlikview. Can anyone help me?.