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    Show/hide objects based on selecting one (any) value in listbox and on clicking a text field

      Hello eveyrone,


      Being a self-taught QV user, I'm a bit struggling with some points in my new project. I've looked through numerous questions here but nothing really fits my needs.


      Here's the issue. I have a tab with data on pupils in a school. This is further split into 'Group 1' and 'Group 2' = two buttons - text fields - at the top. When either of these buttons is clicked, it selects appropriate 'Year Groups' in the 'Other filters' list box.

      This has been ok so far. The problem start now.


      -- When only one 'Year Group' is selected, I want two other buttons/text fields to appear: 'Averages' and 'Individual pupils'. 'Averages' is the default view, 'Individual pupils' shows line for each student in a chart (that's why it can only be shown at lower level, due to too many students at the higher levels).


      Additionally, when 'Individual pupils' text field is clicked, not only the charts change into different view (that works fine) but also another list box titled 'Pupil' appears.


      When 'Averages' are clicked, the 'Pupil' listbox disappears.


      When more than one 'Year Groups' are selected or buttons 'Group 1' or 'Group 2' or 'Clear' are clicked, the 'Averages' and 'Individual pupils' text fields disapper.  


      I'm attaching a workbook with just a sample of the whole document - it's a draft template and all the data is made up.


      I'd greatly appreciate any help or link to useful information!


      Thanks so much in advance!