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    Maximum number of Dimensions you can pass into an Extension?

    Justin Morley


      What's the maximum number of dimensions I can pass into an extension object?

      I feel I must have exceeded the maximum - I have created 38 Dimensions and 2 Expressions in my Definition.xml, but running the following javascript:


       alert (_this.Data.Rows [0].length );


      gives me a message box saying "20"


      Have I reached the hard maximum number of dimensions?


      Why do I want to pass so many dimensions? Because I'm preparing a table of data for export into statistical and modelling tools.

      As with the last question I asked on this forum, it would be more useful to be able to reach the base data without using dimensions/expressions at all. Is the data exposed to the extension object in any hidden way. The documentation I've been able to find is light on this information.