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    Set analysis - it should be quite easy, but... Plz help!

    Friedrich Hofmann



      I have a mayor problem with a set_analysis trick that I've actually done several times before, only it just won't work and I cannot figure out why:

      - I have several different date_values (named differently) in my document

      - In the current list, values are populated until (yesterday).

      - I have loaded a field with a date_value. By default, it is loaded in its numeric form, but I can also load it in date_format by using the DATE() fct in the script.

      - When I manually select (yesterday) from a listbox with this date_field, I can display the correct value (from a field enclosed in []) in a textbox.

      - I can also dynamically select from that textbox ("= Datum_Lauf=DATE(TODAY()-1)") and again I get the correct value in my textbox.

      - Last step -> it's there that I fail: I want to write a set_analysis expression to display yesterday's value - the last one populated in the list - without making any selection. This is what I am doing:


      = sum({<Datum_Laufprüfung = {$(=DATE(TODAY()-1))}>} [Überprüfte Teile])


      Can anybody tell me why this isn't working?

      Thanks a lot!

      Best regards,