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    Error in count registers

      Hi. please help me with this problem. I have this organization.



         Seller 1

            Customer 1.1

               Order 1.1.1

               Order 1.1.2

               Order 1.1.n

            Customer 1.2

               Order 1.2.1

               Order 1.2.2

               Order 1.2.n

            Customer 1.n

               Order 1.n.1

               Order 1.n.2

               Order 1.n.n

         Seller 2

            Customer 2.1

               Order 2.1.1

               Order 2.1.2

               Order 2.1.n

            Customer 2.2

               Order 2.2.1

               Order 2.2.2

               Order 2.2.n

            Customer 2.n

               Order 2.n.1

               Order 2.n.2

               Order 2.n.n

         Seller n

            Customer n.1

               Order n.1.1

               Order n.1.2

               Order n.1.n

            Customer n.2

               Order n.2.1

               Order n.2.2

               Order n.2.n

            Customer n.n

               Order n.n.1

               Order n.n.2

               Order n.n.n


      Each Customer has data for State, City and a CustomerCode too.


      The CUSTOMERS have (1 to n) orders, if the time in days between the last 2 orders in greater than 15 days, I must count the Customer (called Recovered). The format output format must be:


      Manager - Seller - State - City - Recovered


      But Recovered don't works, only works when I use this output format:


      Manager - Seller - State - City - CustomerCode - Recovered


      Please check the attachment.


      Thanks for your help.