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    Integration of 2nd Fact table in existing data model

    Peter Schulz



      I'm really stuck with this problem and running out of time...


      I created an example file and added a screenshot of the table view.


      I want to integrate the "capacity" table(it shows the capacity of the workstations/resources). I think it is not a big deal in general, but when it comes to date fields it drives me always crazy.


      I want to use only one common date dimension. I tried to integrate it like explained by Rob Wunderlich:




      But I think this doesn't work because the tables don't have the same keyfields. Ok. I tried to use %fauf-vorgang(production order-process) but this leads to some weird results if I just want to see the capacity by resource and date (without the dependency of %fauf-vorgang)


      I don't know if my explanations make clear what I want to do. Feel free to ask if something is not unclear.


      Thank you for your help in advance.


      - PS -