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    Master calendar and selectable null dates?

      I have a table with 2 dates; OpenDate and CloseDate.


      A null CloseDate means the record has not been closed yet.  I replace nulls with "Open" in the script.


      I want Year, Month, and Day selection listboxes for CloseDate, with the ability to select "Open" if CloseDate is Null.


      If I replace null CloseDates with 'Open' and join to a master calendar, I will get greyed out list boxes due to missing records since 'Open' is not a value in the master calendar.

      If I create CloseDate_Year, CloseDate__Month, and CloseDate_Day within the table, then the listboxes may not contain every individual day.


      Is there any way to get both every date, and selectable Open CloseDates?