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    Error after upgrading to version 11.20 SR2

      Hi all,

      We are running QV version 11.0 SR1 (64bit).

      Last Friday, I have upgraded my server to QV version 11.20 SR2, and since then I run into troubles. The scripts run normaly, except the ones that need an ODBC connection to my SQL server 2005.

      Sometimes it does run, but almost every time I get an error "Protocol error in TDS stream". This error didn't come up when I was working with the old version.

      I've also tried to connect to a SQL server 2008 with the same result.


      I've reverted a VMWare snapshot back to the old situation and everything runs smoothly again.


      I'm reading a lot about network problems, and change the ODBC setting so it works with Named pipes instead of TCP, and that didn't help.


      Does anybody know a solution for this, so I can upgrade to version 11.20 SR2?


      Help is appreciated.



      Frits Brinkel