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    QlikView bug? It crashes with ODBC connection to Informix

    Miguel Gavidia

      Hello everyone,


      Hopefully someone can help me out with this connectivity problem:


      I have setup my ODBC connection to Informix; I've been using with Excel  and Crystal Reports without problems.


      This is my setup:


      -     Qlikview 11.20 SR2  (Latest QlikView update)

      -     IBM Informix ODBC Driver 3.70 TC5DE

      -     Windows 7 64-bit


      I am now trying to use the same ODBC conenction thru QlikView desktop; the Connection Test is succesful; however, when I click 'Select' in the editor screen to access the tables, Qlikview returns with the following error and aborts the QlikView session.


      (I've installed Qlikview Expressor 3.9.1 and the same ODBC connection works fine; I can see the tables in there)


      Why is there a problem with QlikView Desktop?

      What do I need to do to fix the ODBC connection in QklikView desktop?




      Miguel Gavidia