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    unreadable qvd-file


      We have a process set up, which creates daily some .qvd files. The files are created with 'SQL select.....' and then stored as qvd.

      The process works fine most of the time. Unfortunately once in a while one of the qvd-files (allways the same one) can not be loaded afterwards. The File -wizard show's an empty screen instead of the preview of the table and when reloading I get the error - message 'Execution of script failed. Reload old data?'


      The content of the table is always the same execpt of some additional records. Therefor I cant imagine that the problem is related to the content of the file. The corrupted files also have an appropriate size, so it looks like all datas are captured. And finally the script-log doesnt show any errors.


      Any help, tips and tricks would be appretiated, since the customer really needs these datas being created in time.