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    Stacked bar chart combined with line chart

      Hi there,

      Thanks to the gurus out there taking the time to answer questions from noobs like me! I have another one...

      I have a stacked bar chart, which has two dimensions (the first is month, which forms the x axis, the second is colour, which seperates the bars into segments forming a stacked bar). The expression is a count (y axis). This looks like:

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      What I want to do is overlay a line graph onto this chart, showing a target. So my chart type is combo chart, and I add a second expression (targets for each month and colour). But what happens is the target line now gets stacked instead of the bar, i.e. the line graph has multiple data points above each month:

      error loading image

      and the bar only shows the first segment. I need to get the dimension to stop stacking my target expression (I want the target line to group into one point above each month), and stack the count expression instead so I get my stacked bar back. I have tried promoting / demoting expressions and dimensions and grouping expressions with no luck.

      If anybody has any pointers as to what I can do I'd be appreciated!