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    Fractile function - Not displaying correct results in table

      Avg({<[Service Active]={'Y'},[Vendor Type]-={'Test Vendor'}>} [Rate])
      Avg({<[Service Active]={'Y'},[Vendor Type]-={'Test Vendor'},[Rate] ={"<=$(=fractile([Rate],.5))"} >} [Rate])

      I have a very basic table set up which displays the average rate of a range of services based on certain field names. The expression to calculate this is the first line of code and works fine.


      I want to do something similar for a subset of the data, i.e. all services whose rates are in the lower half of the range. I have a used the fractile function to do this and it generates the correct results on an individual basis. This is the second line of code. However with no filters set the full table generates the same results as the first which is incorrect. It also seems to exclude many results for which there is actual data and doesn’t apply the exclusions correctly (Service Active and Vendor Type).


      Is the second expression set up incorrectly?


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.