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    Upgrade from QV 9 to QV 11 or 11.2?

    m m

      Hi Everyone.


      We want to upgrade from version 9 to either 11 or 11.2 SR3.



      We are in delemma as to what to choose. Can you please give your pros and con's. Should we go to 11.2 SR3 as it being the latest version.


      2nd part of the question is. How to upgrade. Would the scenerio going from 9 to 11 will still be valid for 11.2




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          Miguel Angel Baeyens de Arce



          As for the version, 11.20, since it's the officially supported version of QlikView right now. Version 11 was merged with 11.20 and they no longer coexist, only remaining 11.20.


          As for the procedure, there is a nice PDF guide on the steps you have to follow to successfully upgrade in this document.


          Basically, back up the C:\ProgramData\QlikTech folder or its equivalent if you have not done the default installation, as well as of course any QVW and QVD file you are using.


          Hope that helps.