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    Set Analysis, restriction to ALL, TOTAL, $, {1}

      Dear Fellows,


      I'm strugling with following task. Maybe I didn't get correct the difference between ALL, TOTAL, $, {1} in set analysis.


      My goal is to redistribute values from one material (99) on many another (M1 and M2). 

      It seems my solution works almost correct, however without applying any filter on specific material.


      Here is my formula and many another tries. *<vBonusSplit> helps easily maintain parameters on which subtotal should be created the sum. You can delete for example "Variant" and see the result will change.






      I've tried to modify this formula with all, {1} and $ but without any success.


      After I apply a filter on specific material, redistributed values (in Rebate on Position column) disappear.


      How to resolve this issue to keep always the values right in the according row?


      Thank you in advance for your hints, which could be helpful.