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    Memory Usage Tracking

      Hi experts,


      1. Is it possible for us to track how many memory usage is used for each .qvw file?
      2. When a QV document is added to QV server, the physical memory will increase and never decrease until the document is removed?
      3. When reloading a document, the (memory part) % committed Bytes In Use will be increased. The increase percentage is depend on the size of .qvw file or the size of data loaded?



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          Fabien MAURIS DEMOURIOUX



          1. I don't think that is possible (there is .qvw to track the memory usage of the server, but not divided by each .qvw) but I'm not sure.

          2. It depends on your server settings. When you just put the .qvw on the server, it doesn't use memory until someone opens it (and it will grow as the user use it with every new calculation) and then, the memory will only decrease depending on the "session timeout" and the "document timeout" settings (in the QMC). Or, if you use the preload option, the memory usage of that .qvw will never decrease under the memory that is used to preload it because it will always stay "loaded".

          3. The increase % when your reload depends ont the size of the data loaded (the .qvw size depends a lot about the size of the data) , but also on what you have in the loading script (for example if you join tables, memory will increase during the process).