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    IPAD testing

    Rajesh Vaswani



      We have a requirement to test QlikView dashboard from IPAD.


      Did anyone use a simulator for doing this? If yes could I have the download link.


      I understand the simulator would enable us to install an application on our desktop that will virtually have the iOS and the same look and feel.



      Rajesh Vaswani

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          Even though exist some websites for that, the results aren't close to what it really shows and feels to view an QV on the iPad.


          So I recommend you to use a real iPad for this .


          If you need some advice on designing best practices for iPad, you can check this blog post by Michael Anthony.


          Just a quick guide, I would recommend you:


          - Minimun font size 9-10 pt for listboxes and 9 for charts.

          - Show axis and grid for Y label or if not, show values on data points (due to there is no Hover event using a touch device).

          - Max width of 1024px, max height of 560 to 590px depending on the bars of the browser used and if the bookmarks bar is showed.

          - Be careful, some objects are not easy to use when using a touch device (sliders, calendar object).

          - Use the search object to save real state space and avoid using too many listboxes. You can use a pop-up to show more filters (listboxes).


          Hope it helps.

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            Mark Costa

            Use this one:

            Electric Plum - Power for the Mobile Web


            There is a complete Free Trial version and it is actually pretty cheap if you would like to buy it.

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              Rajesh Vaswani

              Hi All,


              Does anyone have more inputs on this please?



              Rajesh Vaswani