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    Reload with Publisher 11.20 SR2 & SR3 is slower than desktop client

      Hi guys,


      I have a Publisher and a Enterprise webserver, and we have recently upgraded from Version 10 to Version 11.20 SR2.


      But we found that loading in Publisher is 2 to 3 times slower than Desktop Client. Based on the log, we noticed the Publisher is taking more time in loading data from QVDs and also when distributing the QVWs. Example: abc.qvw is spending 13secs to reload with Desktop client, however it is spending 35 secs to reload in Publisher


      Our Settings:

      1) Our Source Documents and User Documents are located in the Publisher server

      2) We have set the EnableParallelReload=0, which was recommended by QlikTech due to random job failures issues
      3) We have disabled all the virus scan



      What we have done in attempt solving this issue:

      1) We have escalated the case to QlikTech

      2) QlikTech advised us to upgrade to 11.20 SR3 and it should fix the issue. We tried SR3 but still the same issue


      We have escalated the issue back to our distributor which is providing us first level support, and they have escalated the issue back to QlikTech. However their reply is so slow and we are under pressure by our business users to solve this ASAP.


      Does anyone here has the same performance issue? Any comments or solutions are welcome....