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    Connect to Quickbooks

    Chris Cammers

      Hello Everyone,


      I am trying to connect to Qlikbooks using the QODBC driver from Flexforce.


      I am able to connect to the data using the sample vb application and the even the Qlikview connection string wizard. I have successfully tested the connection when setting it up. When I click the "Select" button Qlikview freezes and can only be stopped in the task manager.


      When connecting a new application there is a step where you have to authorize the application(exe) to connect and use data and under what conditions you will allow it. I think what is happening is the  authorization step for qvconnect32.exe is not happening and that is causing the freeze. does anybody have any suggestions?


      Any thoughts on installing the 32bit Qlikview? Would that even work on a 64 bit machine?


      I will be deploying the application to a server so I also have to think about how I Authorize the executable that will reload the document from the server.


      Any Comments or suggestions are welcome.





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          Chris Cammers

          I am a little embarrassed about this but here is how I fixed it.


          Qlikview's selection wizard will freeze when you click the button but you can actually retrieve data. The qodbc driver includes a demo application where you can view the QB data. You can use this app as the basis for your sql to send to the qodbc driver. Although this will be frustrating because I'll have to write my code by hand at lease I know I can get the data.


          Thanks to anybody who spent any time thinking this one over.



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              Alec Smith

              Hi Chris,


              I'm having the exact same problem right now. Thank you for posting the resolution.  Can you please explain what you mean by using the VB Demo 32 application as the basis for SQL to send data to the QODBC driver?  What kind of coding will I need to do.  Will the coding be added to the Edit Script screen in QlikView Designer? 


              Thank you! 


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              Chris Cammers

              After a ton of frustration and annoyance with the qodbc driver we purchased another tool called Open Sync http://synergration.com/software/opensync/ Open sync will pump data from Quickbooks into SQL where you can retrieve data at much higher speeds than using the QODBC. This tool is not perfect either, it cannot run as a service so you have to have a desktop session open for whatever user is running it. Granting access to OpenSync was tricky and you have to have Quickbooks installed in the machine too and if your Quickbooks users ever need exclusive access to the database then they will have to shut down open sync. We set up a couple of cdc jobs on OpenSync to keep the customer, invoice and AR entities up to date and then rest we are not pulling.


              Working with Quickbooks was very frustrating but it did not seem to be a Qlik issue.


              good Luck