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    Select numric values in a ListBox from an Extension



      I have have a list which contains Numeric values and I want to select a specific value on that list my extension code.

      As of now, I'm using the SelectText method of the JS API but the result is not accurate. Let's say I passed 2 on SelectText the listbox filters all the items on the listbox which starts with 2 examples are 22,200,23 etc..

      Please see below code for my codes




      var doc = Qv.GetCurrentDocument();
      var lb = doc.GetObject("LB01");
      function listboxUpdated() {
           var arrRecords=["1","2"]


      I tried using the SelectValues(arrRecords, false) method but no success yet.


      Please check below code for the SelectValues method

      function listboxUpdated() {     
           var arrRecords=[1,2]


      Could anyone please help shed some light how to select numeric values from my Extension?

      Thank you.