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    QVManagementservice occupying excessive RAM

    Martin Mahler



      I have set up myself a small VMWare Windows Server 2008 environment including QlikView 11.20 + QlikView Server 11.20 etc. Everything worked well in the past weeks. Today, I wanted to try out different stuff with Publisher and got myself a license and created some tasks etc.. Also, Visual Studio 2010 Express was installed.

      Once installed and rebooted, I realized that many QV services are were still running, however could not be contacted anymore by QMS, thus Accesspoint not beeing available. Also, the Windows Server 2008 started running extremely slow with QVManagementservice.exe occupying crazy amounts of memory. I rebooted the Server and this is basically what's been happening without any further inteference:




      What is going on? I am not able to get this error away:

      - I've reinstalled QV Server without success

      - Removed Publisher Lef.txt etc. - the license was removed however the service still goes crazy.


      Does anyone have any ideas what the cause is? Or is this happening because it's Helloween soon? I am seeing this for the very first time and there is NO underlying data loaded