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    Use of < in a buttons search string

      I have data from 2012 and 2013 and want to se them represented in a chart with month number as the x axis. This is ok, but i also want to limit the dates so only transactions year to date are shown when I activate the button.


      I have tried to do thes by giving each transaction a datepart "dy" returning 1 to 365 on each transaction.


      Now - what I want the button to do is to limit this by datepart(dy,getdate()) returning todays number in a side tabel.


      This works fine with "=(Todaysnumer)", but with the limitation "<(Todaysnumer)" it does not work.


      But if I change this to "<(305)" it does exactly what I want and count only transactions eache year before 31/10.


      Any ideas why it does not work with "<(Todaysnumer)", when i works with "<(305)"?