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    One dimension made from two different dimensioins

      Hi everyone,

      I already searched the web and this forum and asked a bunch of people, but no one seemed to have an answer to the following:


      Our users come from a source, click through our system and go to a sink afterward. Now sink and source are from the same pool of partners, so we would like to have a table with the partners as dimension, where we can show certain clicks sorted by source in one column and those clicks sorted by sink in the next column.


      The data is loaded in the following way:



      User 1Partner 1Partner 3
      User 2Partner 2Partner 1
      User 3Partner 1Partner 2
      User 4Partner 2Partner 2


      and we would like to have the following table of this:


      Partner# as source
      # as sink
      Partner 12


      Partner 222
      Partner 301


      Partner# as source# as sinksum
      Partner 1213
      Partner 2224
      Partner 3011


      Without the sum, we could use two different tables, but like this, it doesn't work unfortunately.

      I tried to use source and sink as dimensions, then limit the second dimension by the first and restrict the sums by the first resp. by the second dimension, but this doesn't seem to help.


      We have quite large tables (a couple of Gigabytes per table) and we already did an aggregation per day and still need up to 20GB RAM, so we would like to avoid loading double data. Is there a way to get the second table from the first one?


      Thank you for your help