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    Count events up to certain date or time limit with set analysis

      My goal is to have a function calculating a sum (number of events) from two inputs: "Type" and "Time from vTimeNow". Field to be counted is called Count. The two inputs should select from the fields Type (using "=") and Time (using ">=").


      That is I wish to: "Sum the field count where Type=x and Time >= (vTimeNow - n hours)", where vTimeNow is the current time.


      The following set analysis will give me a result but the time is not based on a second input ($2):


      SET CountEvent = num( sum( {$<Type={$1}, Time={'>=14:00:00'}>} Count ), '#,##0' );


      I have tried all ways I can think of to add the second input but none has produced the correct result.


      For example I would hope this could have been successful but it did not produce the correct result (gave me a 0).


      LET vTimeNow = Timestamp('16:10:54', 'hh:mm:ss');

      SET CountEvent = num( sum( {$<Type={$1}, Time={'>=$(=Time( vTimeNow-$2/24 )))'} Count ), '#,##0' );


      What have I missed?