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    How to load all the assigned document CALs in a QlikView document ?

    Jose Luis Dengra

      So many times I need to reassign document CAL licences depending on business criteria, and I am facing the problem that I do it by accessing QMC and parallelly mantaining an Excel document to log every change and keep it updated.

      However I make mistakes when I forget to update the allocated licences for a document or whenever I accidentally delete one, or simply I forget to push the "Apply" button and changes are not effectively applied on the server.

      Because of these situations, many times my Excel document is wrong.


      I would like to create a QlikView document with a table including each user document, and all the users that have a document CAL associated, and if it were possible the last time it was consumed as it appears in the QMC. Is it possible to load this information into a table in a QlikView document data model ?


      Thank you in advance.