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    Searchable option in pivot table

    Jaime Aguilar

      Is there any way or workaround to have searchable option in pivot tables?


      I have the following scenario:


      I need to calculate some KPIs over a set of products. I created 2 solutions for this,


      1. First I created a pivot table where descriptions for KPIs are used as a vertical dimension, in order to have a cross table. This is because there can be several categories where the same KPIs need to be calculated. The problem is that with this solution I cannot use the searchable option for expressions


      2. My second shot was to create a straight table and instead of including a vertical dimension (which cannot be done in straight table, at least not in these case). So I created an expression for every combination of category and KPI. This way i can use searchable option in expressions. The problem is that this workaround takes more time to create and even maintain.


      So, my question is that is there any work around to use o simulate searchable option and still use pivot table?


      Please refer to the attached .qvw


      thanks in advance