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    QlikView OCX used in XBAP application

    Stefan Wühl



      I am not really into QV OCX and embedding QV into a Windows application, so I hope someone can help me!


      A customer wants to integrate QV in one of his server applications (which is a WPF Browser Application using XBAP on .NET 4.5), so as far as I understand, it's a rich client internet application (communicating to its server using several web services).


      The integrated QV component should talk to the QV server, essentially silently opening an application, displaying some QV list boxes in the application and allowing to trigger a data export (to a file (on server or remote) ).


      The customer had the idea to use QV OCX component to integrate into his WPF application.


      Honestly, I've never done that before and never heard of this before (I think today's usual way to integrate QV would be accessing the QV JS API). Well, I know the IE plugin and I can imagine how to create an 'old-style' windows desktop application using the OCX component and access the QV server in principle, but I am unsure about the XBAP part.


      So, here are my questions:


      1) Is this scenario feasible at all?


      2) If yes, has this scenario major advantages / disadvantages over the scenario using the QV Javascript API / Workbench, maybe using extensions for talking back to the calling server?


      3) Using the OCX component, what about licensing and authentication?


      Hope you can answer at least parts of my questions or send me a link to other areas of interest.