Did you hear the news?  Qlik® is introducing a continuous release process for Qlik Sense®.


Instead of three releases per year with a dot-zero release in June, Qlik will begin releasing Qlik Sense® every 10 weeks!  Since each release will be similar in scope, we are also replacing our number-based naming convention with releases identified by the month and year they were distributed.  This means that instead of Qlik Sense® 4.0, the June release will simply be called Qlik Sense® June 2017.  (Most other Qlik products will also follow a similar cadence going forward as well.)


With releases five times per year, it might be difficult to stay up to date on what’s new.  To help, we are making a number of changes to help keep you informed.  This blog area is just the start.


Another important opportunity for you to learn about each release is to participate in the release preview process.


A release preview is an early release of our software which is very close to reaching general availability (GA).  It provides the opportunity to try out new features and to test your internal processes on a version of the software that is nearly perfect.  Within a few weeks, the official version will then be released and you can move onto that one with confidence.


As release previews become available, they will be posted to the Product Insight area of community.  If you are logged into your QlikID, you should find a release preview for both the June release of Qlik Sense as well as Qlik NPrinting™ . 

You will want to 'follow' the product insights page so that you are notified immediately of any new previews.  If you have any trouble with access, please contact insight@qlik.com