How to Customize the Separator Character When Exporting QlikView Objects to CSV Files

    This tutorial is an addendum to the tutorial, How to Export QlikView Objects to CSV Files, as that tutorial was published before the release of version 12.4 and this feature has been added in NPrinting version 12.4. We recommend that you read and, better yet, carry out that tutorial first. The default separator character for NPrinting is the semicolon, but you may desire to use something different. Here is how to define a different character as the separator for the CSV files you generate.


    Open Reports Page


    Open the Export a QlikView Object to a CSV File Report Task


    Open Format Properties: Separator Dialog


    Click on the browse button at the extreme right of the Advanced column for the CSV files you want to generate.


    Open Separating Character Drop-Down Menu

    1. Click on the cell containing "Semicolon" to open the menu
    2. You can select a predefined character or, as in this tutorial, Other

    Enter Custom Character

    1. Enter the character you want to use as the separator
    2. Click on the OK button

    Save and Close, and Run Task


    Click on Save and Close

    Run the task


    Open and Inspect Output File C:\NPrintingTraining\Output\CH184.csv


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