iPortal is a web application that allows you to easily impersonate users in a Qlik Sense Enterprise deployment. It is not intended for production environments.  iPortal enables you to configure the list of users, groups, and images and login to Qlik Sense using these users.  This enables you to demonstrate and test Qlik Sense from the viewpoint of many roles.

    Additional security configuration is required to fully enable the Governed Self Service reference deployment. Please refer to the GSS Setup Guide for more information.

    2016-06-16 09_10_23-Qlik Sense GSS - VMware Workstation.png


    Video Overview





    Download and Install


    The fully automated installer will:

    • Install the iPortal web application
    • Configure the Qlik Sense service dispatcher to automatically run the iPortal web application
    • Add & configure a Qlik Sense virtual proxy
    • Add & configure a Qlik Sense user directory connector


    For documentation on setting up a local iPortal development environment, click here