Beta Connectors

    Current Version: September 2018 Release (v2.47.0)


    Beta connectors have been included with Qlik Web Connectors since version 2.1.0, where you’ll see them listed under the Beta tab.


    To interact and use them, you first need to accept some additional terms. Once you do this, you’ll be able to work with them.


    As a LEF is not required, all users (including those that only use Standard connectors) can use them.


    Beta Connectors Expire

    Please note that the beta connectors will expire for ALL users, including those that have subscribed to any Premium connectors, on a certain day, as per the following table:

    Qlik Web Connectors Version

    Release Date

    Beta Expiry Date

    September 2018 (v2.47.0)



    June 2018 (v2.44.0)



    November 2017 (v2.28.2)











    Unavailable in this release



    Unavailable in this release


    When the beta connectors expire, any Premium connectors will continue to work until their licensed expiry date and will not be affected by the beta expiry date.


    This is the same date as the product expiry date for those who use just the Standard Qlik Web Connectors. i.e. no LEF has been applied.


    To continue to use the beta connectors, just download the latest version of Qlik Web Connectors at the time and they’ll work again until the next expiry date.


    As such, if your organisation has policies in place for updating software, please ensure that these are satisfied ahead of using the beta connectors.


    Getting Help with Beta Connectors

    If you need help with any of the beta connectors, please post a question here on the Qlik Web Connectors Community site where you’ll be able to get peer support.


    Since maintenance and support services are not provided for beta connectors, please do not contact Qlik Support.


    Beta Connectors That Are included

    The following beta connectors are now available:

    Connector NameVersion Introduced
    Qlik Adobe Analytics (Omniture) Connector2.1.0
    Qlik AYLIEN News Connector*2.28.2
    Qlik AYLIEN Sentiment Connector*2.28.2
    Qlik GitHub Connector2.1.0
    Qlik Outlook 365 Connector2.28.2
    Qlik OneDrive Connector v22.28.2
    Qlik Strava Connector2.28.2
    Qlik SurveyMonkey Connector2.2.0
    Qlik IBM Watson Natural Language Understanding Connector2.28.2


    * These 2 connectors were previously in a single AYLIEN connector, which was introduced in v2.2.0. Please refer to the Release Notes for more information.


    Connectors Out of Beta

    The following connectors are no longer beta:

    Connector NameVersion Out of BetaCategory

    Qlik Amazon S3 Connector

    June 2018 (2.44.0)Standard

    Qlik Bitly Connector


    Qlik Box Connector


    Qlik Google Webmaster Tools Connector


    Qlik JIRA Connector

    September 2018 (2.47.0)Premium

    Qlik O365 Sharepoint Connector

    June 2018 (2.44.0)Premium

    Qlik OneDrive Connector


    Qlik Slack Connector



    Connectors Retired/Deprecated

    The following connectors have been retired:

    Connector NameVersion DeprecatedStatus

    Qlik Alchemy Connector

    November 2018 (2.28.2)Removed in June 2018 Release

    Qlik Azure Data Marketplace Connector

    2.2.0Removed in November 2018 Release
    Qlik Blue Yonder Connector2.28.2Removed in June 2018 Release
    Qlik Google BigQuery ConnectorJune 2018 (2.44.0)Placed in deprecated state
    Qlik Google DoubleClick for Advertisers ConnectorSeptember 2018 (2.47.0)Placed in deprecated state
    Qlik Google Predication Connector2.28.2Removed in June 2018 Release
    Qlik Klout ConnectorJune 2018 (2.44.0)Removed in June 2018 Release
    Qlik MongoDB ConnectorJune 2018 (2.44.0)Placed in deprecated state
    Qlik Saplo ConnectorJune 2018 (2.44.0)Removed in June 2018 Release

    Please refer to the Release Notes for more information.

    How to use them

    Since most connectors work in the same way, please refer to the page “Using Qlik Web Connectors” on the help site.