Visual tricks with Charts

    Hi, everyone!


    Today I want to share with you with some tricks which you may use to improve your projects/dashboards from visual side.

    The main idea of this post is using a function RangeSum() to achieve a different results which can be used to define a colors in your charts.

    In the attached file you will find a four charts with different results of the same thing:

    The first one gives an answer for the question "Is the next bar is bigger than previous or not?"

    The second shows a dynamic and mark plot values with symbols ▲/▼ (alt+30, alt+31).

    The third shows a number of bars that bigger than average among all values.

    And the last one tells a user how good or bad a business are going. It accumulate a difference between adjacent bars and at the end we can see a total difference. If it's uder the zero the plot area will be red, else - green.


    Also, you can be interested with the 2nd chart because it's a combined of two similar charts, but with the different visualization.


    Note: often use of function rangesum() may reduce a performance of your project! Don't get carried away =)

    Also you can find how to use a refference lines.


    I will be pleased if this material will help you even a little!