Add external images into and Excel report

    Goal: insert country flags into an Excel report. This solution works also with HTML reports, not only with Office reports.


    • Create a folder and insert all flag images into it.
    • Use the values of the QlikView country field as file names.


    • Create a text object in the QlikView document you want to use as data source.
    • Insert the formula ='C:\NPrintingTraining\Pictures\' & GetFieldSelections(Country) & '.bmp' (rather than 'C:\NP_Training\Pictures\' & GetFieldSelections(Country) & '.bmp') as the foreground text.
    • When a single country will be selected this text field will display the related flag. Save the QlikView document.


    • Create a Qlik NPrinting connection to the QlikView document or refresh the metadata cache if the connection was already present.
    • Create a new Excel report template as usual.
    • Add the table with the data as a level and drag and drop it into the template.
    • Add the new text object into the Images node and drag and drop it into the template.


    Save the template and run a preview.