QlikView JDBC Connector

    Hi everyone,


    this is a demo version of our JDBC Connector for QlikView. It will enable a lot of non-ODBC/OLEDB sources for loading data into QlikView.


    Also, it would give much more performance on QV 9 loads (Oracle, mysql etc.) and could speed up on complex network environments (like VPN, firewalls, WAN).


    Please try it out and give us some feedback!


    Installation instructions:

    • install the JDBC Connector and config the JDBC driver (mostly a .jar file)
    • connect with JDBC URL (e.g. jdbc:oracle:thin:@localhost:1521:ex)
    • example connect statement for Oracle (will be included by connect popup):
      CUSTOM CONNECT TO "Provider=JDBCConnector_x64.dll;jdbc:oracle:thin:@localhost:1521:ex;XUserId=SbKdMaFNRLOA;XPassword=aWELJaFNRbTA;";


    Missing feature (waiting for QV support):

    • no select option for database/owner on table wizzard


    Thanks to my colleague Sven "Benno" Uhlig who brought up this idea and implementation!





    This is a new version which supports DDL and DML statements too. You will get a result set if a DML statement was executed with the update count.


    Just try script calls like this:



    SQL CREATE TABLE test2 (col1 INT)


    SQL insert into test2 (col1) values (1)


    SQL update test2 set col1=2


    SQL drop table test2




    New version comes with an installer and config dialogs. See also: http://www.tiq-solutions.de/display/enghome/ENJDBC for a list of possible JDBC sources.