Qlik Deployment Framework Deploy Tool

    Qlik Deployment Framework is packaged into the Qlik Deployment Framework Deploy Tool. This is a management tool that extracts and maintains containers. The tool will also extract examples and documentation if selected.

    Download QDF Deploy Tool from GitHub Releases


    Qlik Deployment Framework Deploy Tool can run in several different modes:

    • QDF Install – (Default) will extract the framework including tools, examples and documentation . There are three different Container designs to choose between.
    • Add or update Containers – If the Deploy path URL points to a valid framework the deploy tool will automatically present available containers. From here you can add new containers and/or upgrade the system
    • Upgrade available.
      1. Upgrade – the deploy tool identifies a newer version, you are recommended to upgrade
      2. Upgrade unknown deploy tool could not identify the current version, you are recommended to upgrade to latest QDF.
      3. Reinitiate replaces the framework built in scripts (within all containers), re-initiation can be done if Qlik scripts been compromised or minor fixes replacing the same framework version.

    Please read DeployTool Readme document for more information.

    Container Type Selector

    From QDF version 1.7 you have the possibility to select between three container layouts. This mean that QDF Deploy tool extracts different container layout (folders) depending on the selection done in the Container Type Selector.

    QVC library option
    QlikView Components (QVC) is an open source library that can optionally be installed using the deploy tool. QVC works as an extension of the built-in QDF library, read more on QVC here.


    Upgrade to v.1.7.2

    Automatic upgrade from 1.x.x to 1.7.2 via the deploy tool, just point Deploy Path URL to your QDF root folder and the deploy tool will suggest to upgrade. Only vanilla QDF should be upgraded automatically, internal QDF script code (.qvs) will be updated so any custom modifications would be removed.


    New in v.1.7.2

    NceTrace function generates prettify output of text to the reload window /thx Göran Sander

    reduceQVD function reduce (remove) size of selected QVD file, as an alternative of deleting large QVD files /thx Damian Waldron Qlik

    Minor bug fixes in 5.DoDir.qvs /thx walteryiphk

    Fixing stability issues to IndexAdd

    Loading in sub-function library (99.loadall.qvs) earlier within 1.Init.qvs

    Minor cleanup in custom.qvs and LoadVariableCSV.qvs

    New in v.1.7.1

    Fixed Shared Global Variable cache behavior, vG.BasePath is now controlling cache validation alone

    Updated Deploy Tool making it easier to jump between multiple QDF environments

    Updated Deploy Tool sorting Container Map

    Updated Deploy Tool removes blanks in Container Map

    Updated Deploy Tool it’s now possible to stretch out deploy tool.