Qlikview adhoc dimension analisys [My own example]

    Hi everybody,

    I've been demanded recently customizable reports in Qlikview 11 and a way to accomplish this requirement was to let the users explore and design their own reports by adding or hiding columns and expressions.


    I just wanted to share with everybody a simple example in which by loading inle sample dummy data we can create an small testing table and a chart which is using this Qlikview feature. Let's review it step by step :


    1. Create an inline sample table with 3 or 4 dimensions and a couple of expressions:

    2. Let's create now 2 data island in our model, those with contain all dimension names and expression names each data island.



    3. Now we have all the data model built in our QVW. The idea here is to create a straight table containig the dimensions and expressions of the Data table and let the user select which ones will be displayed. Once we have the table created with our dimensions and our expressions we will need to put the following conditions:


    Alt( WildMatch ( GetFieldSelections(%Dimensions,'|'), '*DIMENSION_NAME*' ), 0 )

    Alt( WildMatch ( GetFieldSelections(%Dimensions,'|'), '*EXPRESSION_NAME*' ), 0 )


    Then we can create 2 selectors, one for the dimensions and another one for the expressions using our data islands:


    Now, whenever the user clicks on any checkbox the report will be constructed dinamically by using the conditional expressions which will search the dimension/expression name.