QvM - Advanced Data Discovery

    "How to discover your data in a fast dynamic way?"


    When starting a new project the first thing I want to do is get a feel for the data. Preferably in a fast and dynamic way. You can use the "Advanced Data Discovery module" to tackle this problem. The Advanced Data Discovery module consists out of 4 dynamic list boxes and a dynamic table which comes in handy when modeling a project, checking data quality, testing the interaction between fields or exploring your data.



    Advanced Data Discovery sheet overview



    Dynamic list box with field statistics

    Dynamic listbox.PNG



    • Useful to check interaction between fields while creating your data model
    • Dynamic Data Discovery
    • Field statistics based on current selections or based on the complete set
    • Fast data quality checks
    • Dynamic list box



    • A script reload is required

    PS: Special thanks to the creator of the first version of the dynamic list box from who I could not trace back the blog post I encountered 3 years ago.


    The Advanced Data Discovery module is now part of the QvM - Qlikview Modules template.


    Thanks for your feedback and comments.

    Have fun Qlik'n, Koen