Set Analysis - Part 2 - Cool Stuff You Can Do (video)

    Set analysis offers a way of defining a set (or group) of data values that is different from the normal set defined by the current selections. Watch this video to learn more about the cool stuff you can do with Set Analysis as well as to get a better understanding of its expression syntax and how it can be used.



    Previous Video: A Beginners' Introduction to Set Analysis



    NOTE: For a more complete and deeper dive of Set Analysis check out this excellent document: Set Analysis: syntax, examples



    Sample App: (Qlik Sense is .qvf - QlikView is .qvw)


    • See attached .qvf file for sample Qlik Sense application
    • If using Qlik Sense Desktop:
      • Copy .qvf file to C:\Users\<user profile>\Documents\Qlik\Sense\Apps
    • Refresh Desktop Hub (F5)
    • If using Qlik Sense Server
      • Import .qvf using the QMC and then access from My Work Stream in hub
    • For the .qvw - just opened with QlikView Desktop


    Set Analysis Expressions:


    Conditions  (hard-coded lists,searches,wild card,comparison operators, not equal):


    Sum({$<CategoryName={'Bath Clothes'}>}Sales)Sum({$<CategoryName={'Bath Clothes','Babywear'}>}Sales)


    Conditions using variables:


    SET vDefaultCat = 'Bath Clothes';


    $ Expansion - using functions to evaluate comparisons values:




    Conditions with multiple dimensions: