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    How to filter non zero values from an expression result



      I have the following fields in the Chart (Straight Table),


                               Expression             Expression                           Expression

                               using                      using                                   using  

                               Set Analysis           Set Analysis                        Set Analysis

                               value between          value between                      AA set Analysis -

                               2 dates                    2 dates                               BB set Analysis


      Invoice_Num       Amount (AA)          Payment_Amount (BB)             NET_AMT

      A1                    1000.00                    500.00                                    500.00

      B1                    2000.00                    2000.00                                      0.00

      C1                    3000.00                    1500.00                                 1500.00


      I want to show records where the NET_AMT is not zero, i.e. only show Invoice number A1 and C1. How can I do this.


      Thanks in advance.