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Contributor III
Contributor III

12-Month Rolling Average in %



I have the following data in my data model JOBDATE, JOBNAME, SLA_MET.


I have to calculate the OVERALL_SLA_MET% for each day and month.


On 01/01, 4 jobs met SLA and 1 job missed SLA, so overall SLA_MET% is 80% (4/5)

Similarly, on 01/04, 2 jobs met SLA, so overall SLA_MET% is 40% (2/5) on and so forth.




I'm able to get the overall SLA_MET% for months also using the same logic. 


However, i want a KPI to display the rolling 12 months average of the OVERALL SLA_MET%.

I have attached a test qvw file with 7 days of data. For the purpose of this question please consider rolling 3 days average.

I can use the same logic for months in my app.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!




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