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Contributor II
Contributor II

Advanced set analysis


I analyze sales on ebay auctions. I have an auction list and a sale on them (by days [SalesDate]). Each auction has a start and end date (AuctionEndDate). I want to count auctions completed in a month that had sales in the last 7 days before the end.

I want to get a simple table with two columns:

  1. month([AuctionEndDate]) and it is ok
  2. count of auctions with sales in last 7 days

I tried with 

count(DISTINCT {<[AuctionID] = {"=Sum({<[SalesDate]={">$(=date([AuctionEndDate]-7))"}>}[Sales])>'0' "}>} [AuctionID])

... but without success.

Please help 🙂



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Creator III
Creator III

May i suggest to shift this problem into the script:

Just create a new Fields:

  • If(AuctionEndDate>=Date(Today()-7),1,0) as last7Days_Flag

then you can transform your Set-Analysis: Count(distinct {<last7Days_Flag={1},Sales={">0"}>} AuctionID)

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