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Multiple Date filter

Hi all,

I am generating some numbers and showing in text objects based on certain conditions. There are multiple text objects on the sheet and each has a different condition. I have two separate categories for the text objects and want to be able to apply date filters to these two categories separately, e.g. 2020 to one category and 2021 to the other category. I have created two separate Date fields as well to use as listbox but when i am selecting one date filter, the other one deselects. Tried Alternate State but it does not show any count in the respective text object when applied to one listbox and in the text object expression.  please help share some idea as to how to solve this.

I am using the below expression for Alternate State named as "TESTING":

=num(Count({TESTING} distinct {$<[As of Date]={'$(vCurrMonth)'},[In Progress]={'1'},[Testing Type]={'1'},}testno),'#,##0')

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Community Manager
Community Manager

@obedbardhan Are you trying to resolve a reporting-specific challenge or are you using Qlik Sense and have a development/design question? I would like to get this into the right forum. Thanks!

Sue Macaluso
Creator III
Creator III

Hi, would you may give a clearer example of what you want to have as a result? or maybe add screenshot of your solution in the current state?

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