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Creator III
Creator III

Aggr Function Issue

IN Qlik Sense I am using the below expression

Sum({<Date={"$(=Date(Max([Date)))"}>} Amount)
Sum({<Date={"$(=Date(Max([Date)-1))"}>} Amount)))),Dim A, DimB))

This gives me a correct result but once I start selecting different dates it spins for a long time cuz of this Aggr and Fabs

I tried doing the aggregate table in script but it doesnt work, 

How I can accomplish this in Script or another way for better performance.

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MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

If you have ensured that you really need this aggr-expression (not for each summing is an aggr() needed - either directly or indirectly by using a different chart respectively chart-design) there won't be much potential for optimizing the expression itself.

Another point is your used datamodel - it should go in the direction of a star-scheme and if calculations are too slow it's often helpful to ensure that all included fields come from a single table.

- Marcus