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Contributor II
Contributor II

Ambiguous unicode characters in csv files



We are in the process of moving from Qlikview to Qliksense and I am running into a problem I did not have on Qlikview.

I receive csv files from a Bulgarian customer and I extract the info from these csv files with the following command (for the item table):

FROM File.csv(txt, unicode, embedded labels, delimiter is '|', no quotes, no eof);

Store Items into...


This works fine on Qlikview but if I use the exact same script in Qliksense on the exact same csv file, Qliksense extracts two lines less than Qlikview.

I checked the csv file in details and found that there is a field in the line above each line which is skipped with some characters like this:


I suppose this field originally contains cyrillic characters which are not properly encoded (or which are not in unicode?). VSCode highlights these as ambiguous unicode characters also.

I do not know how to manage this error. I tried applying different codepages on this particular field with ApplyCodePage but with no result.

Has anyone had the same problem? I do not need this field at all so I could also ignore it but wasn't able to find how.

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