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Partner - Creator
Partner - Creator

Change Total row with css

Hi all.

i need to change  Totals row backgroud in white. 

This app is set with css and i don't know how change it for total row.

here the css script for stright table:


.qv-object-content table th{
background-color: #9d9b41;

.touch-off .qv-st-interactive:not(.qv-st-selections-active):not(.qv-st-reordering-active) .qv-st-header:not(.qv-st-custom-header) .qv-st-header-cell-search:hover:not(:active):not(.qv-st-header-cell-search-open), .touch-off .qv-st-navigatable:not(.qv-st-selections-active):not(.qv-st-reordering-active) .qv-st-header-sortable:not(.qv-st-custom-header):hover:not(:active):not(.qv-st-header-cell-search-open) {
/*.qv-object-content table th :hover{*/
background-color: #75853c;


thank you all


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