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Contributor II
Contributor II

Changing values of key field for 1 table by user

Let's say I have 2 tables:

table 1 - sales:
[ice cream sales]

table 2 - weather:
[relative air pressure]

And I'll put both in a graph, date on the x-axis, ice cream sales and relative air pressure on the y-axis. Date is the key field connecting these 2 tables.

Now, to see the correlation between these 2 I'd like (front-end) users to be able to shift around the date values connected to the [relative air pressure] (and not [ice cream sales]) so it shifts around on the x-axis.

Is this somehow possible to do? I can of course change add or substract days for the [relative air pressure] in the data load editor, but I want users to change these on the fly.

Thanks in advance!


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