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Cognos report to Qlik Migration


We are looking for the cognos reports to be migrated to qliksense. Any advice/suggestions on how to implement ?

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You can't migrate anything from Cognos to Qlik, and I'd strongly advise you don't attempt to create a direct copy of the existing reports/schemas in Qlik. Re-designing as appropriate for the Qlik platform is the best approach.

Partner - Creator III
Partner - Creator III

G'day @KrishnaveniUdhayasuriyan,

As a consultant, I have been involved in a couple of Cognos migration projects. We migrated a suite of Cognos reports into a three tier Qlik environment:

  1. Qlik Extract layer - go into Cognos and find all the data sources so you can create a set of extract QVDs
  2. Qlik Transformation layer - when you look through a suite of Cognos reports, you'll find that many of them contain the same or similar logic. You need to create a set of Qlik transformation QVDs that replicate this common business logic
  3. Qlik Presentation layer - you can load up the transformation QVDs and then present the data with similar tables and charts as in the Cognos report, or you can easily create many new charts much more quickly than you can do in Cognos

I find that the client's main focus is to "turn off Cognos" - that is their measure of success. However, as Or says, if you redesign and build a robust Qlik environment, then you will be able to achieve much more with Qlik than you ever could with Cognos.

Cheers, Barnaby.

Barnaby Dunn
BI Consultant
Partner - Creator III
Partner - Creator III

Hello, there is no tool that transforms reports from IBM cognos to qliksense. You would have to create it from scratch, I will show you the steps.

1.- Create the connections to the database in the same qlik (the same IBM cognos parameters)






2.- After creating the connection, we extract the data so that you can then save it in QVD files that are from qlik, finally you make your incrementals.

3.- Create the same IBM cognos data models in Qliksense scripting



4.- Now as the last part, they create the IBM cognos graphics in qliksense with set analysis.


Here I leave you some links that can help you learn qlik.


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